Particle Cloud (Hangzhou) welcomes the first batch of VIP visitors

2022-01-30 16:25

The new year is coming.Here,all employees of Particle Cloud wish you an early new year and wish you all a smooth work and good luck!Looking back on the course of this year,Particle Cloud biology has achieved fruitful results in all its work with the care and support of governments,leaders and friends at all levels and the concerted and fruitful work of all its employees.The construction of Hangzhou Particle Cloud is also developing rapidly.Recently,the first batch of VIP visitors have been welcomed.



On December 8,2021,the medical port town team of Hangzhou United Bank visited Hangzhou Particle Cloud

The team visited the Particle Cloud exhibition hall and office area,learned about the construction of Particle Cloud and the current business situation of the company,and listened to the report of the company's development plan for 2022.Jiayi Shi,leader of the United Bank team,expressed his concern about the Particle Cloud development plan and supported the accelerated development of Hangzhou Particle Cloud.



On the morning of December 10,2021,Jianhua Xu,Vice President of the Imperial Institute of Advanced Technology,and his party visited Hangzhou Particle Cloud to guide the work

President Xu visited HangzhouParticle Cloud exhibition hall,office area and GMP workshop,and learned about the construction and current progress of the company.
During the landing of Particle Cloud biology in Hangzhou,the Imperial Institute of Advanced Technology gave great support,and president Xu gave many guidance.During this visit,president Xu put forward valuable suggestions and opinions on the construction of the company in combination with the company's development objectives and needs,which have been adopted and implemented by the company.It is expected that Particle Cloud biology and the Imperial Institute of Advanced Technology will carry out further in-depth cooperation in the field of biomaterial research and other fields.





On the afternoon of December 10,2021,Chen Gong,President of Hangzhou Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Economic and Commercial Bank,visited Particle Cloud

President Gong learned about the development history and honors of Particle Cloud,and had a direct understanding of the quality and competitiveness of Particle Cloud artificial bone products.After visiting the honor display and patent display of the exhibition hall,He was very satisfied with the technical strength of the company.and hope to carry out further cooperation with Particle Cloudin the future development.



On the afternoon of January 24,2022,YisanZhou,Chairman of China Wisdom Science and Technology Foundation,visited Particle Cloud

Yisan Zhou(Executive President of the"People's Servant"magazine of the Central Party School,National School of Administration,President of Smart China Magazine,Chairman of China Smart Technology Foundation),Ms.Mengyi Yin(Executive President of the Institute of Beijing Smart Middle School Educational Technology),Prof.Xian(Hangzhou)Great Health Management Co.,Ltd.),Ms.Yi Wang(Deputy Director of the Office of the Trinity Cooperative Economic Research Institute of Shoufu Think Tank,Prof.Xian(Hangzhou)Great Health Beijing Management Center),visited Hangzhou Particle Cloud.
During the visit,President Zhou and his entourage learned about the background of the establishment of Hangzhou Particle Cloud and the strategic planning of Particle Cloud Bio's cross-regional and multi-point collaboration.Through the physical exhibits,they learned about our company's 3D printing of renewable artificial bone,bioceramic materials,and 3D printing equipment.and other products.Afterwards,Chairman Zhou and his party visited the GMP workshop and learned about the construction of the artificial bone workshop and material workshop in detail.Chairman Zhou was very satisfied with the construction effect of Hangzhou,and expressed his willingness to coordinate the resources of all parties to help Particle Cloud artificial bone products to be launched as soon as possible!



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