Additive equipment

Focus on bioceramic 3D printing solutions      

· Suitable for a variety of biomaterials high solid content free ratio composite printing

· High viscosity and high precision quantitative molding, good biocompatibility, clinical bone repair practical application cases

· Set equipment research and development production in one, completely independent intellectual property rights, master the core patents

· Jointly build 3D printing digital center, combining medical and industrial technology output


UV curable ceramic 3D printer

Based on DLP technology, photo polymerization reaction is generated in the projection area of UV curable resin and cured

Bioceramic 3D printer

It adopts the filament free printing (FFP) technology to support printing of free proportioning composite ceramic paste

Biological 3D printer

It adopts the filament free printing (FFP) technology to accurately control the three-dimensional molding of a variety of biological materials and active cells

Biological materials

Materials change the world   

· Meet the requirements of experimental production, customized bio-ink

· Advanced digital material research and development and production base

· Industry-university-research joint research and development platform


β-tricalcium phosphate

It has good biodegradability, biocompatibility and bone induction ability


Hydroxyapatite (HA) is the main inorganic mineral component of animal and human bones

calcium silicate

Calcium silicate (CSI) is an inorganic material with biological activity, and has the ability to deposit hydroxyapatite

Sr/Mg doped calcium silicate

It can not only improve the chemical stability of the original ceramic scaffold materials, but also enhance their biological activity and biocompatibility

beef bone powder

Beef bone powder has good biocompatibility and is similar to mineralized human bone in morphology and chemical structure

45S5 bioactive glass

Bioactive glass is a kind of important inorganic non-metallic bone, tooth and skin wound repair materials

dual phase calcium phosphate ceramic composites

Compared with single-phase materials, dual phase composites will have the outstanding advantages of any single-phase materials

UV curable ceramic resin

After UV curing 3D printing, after special high-temperature processing, dense ceramic component products are formed

Printing services

· Bioprinting customization

· Scientific research and technology development services

· 3D-printed medical devices


medical trial mold

The spine surgery department of Honghui Hospital received an 11-year-old patient

ceramic printing

It can design modeling, aperture size, printing path and post-processing process according to the user's material formula, and accept customized printing services


3D printing of biomaterials with active factors and cell growth after 7 and 14 days

cancellous bone

cancellous bone

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